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Press Release


Strangers Final Cover Art.JPG

LORENNA's first single in 2021, Strangers, is set to release Friday, September 3rd.

Strangers opens with the gloomy line, "We used to laugh when the villain smiled, 'cuz we both knew how it felt to win only once in awhile..."  In this bass heavy indie-pop track, produced by Lyre (Los Angeles based production/songwriting duo with credits such as Betty Who, Kenzie Zeigler), Lorenna writes about a love and loss between two individuals who bonded over a dark past. They fell in love due to recognizing each other's demons.

She sings, "You knew me in and out, I knew you upside down . . . But now you're just a stranger I feel strange around . . ." driving home the point that you can know someone so well, treasuring every detail about their lives, only to get to a point where you feel completely foreign to each other once the relationship is over.


Strangers is a more light-hearted sound than Lorenna's angsty electric guitar driven indie-pop ballads she is used to releasing, but she aimed to keep an element of darkness to the sugary pop tune with her lyrical content.


Heavy 808 bass and dreamy synth background vocals are what carries this track, and is a taste of what to expect on the rest of Lorenna's album, Checklist Love, set to release January 2022.

Lorenna is releasing many singles from this album throughout the end of 2021 to create momentum for the album release.

Strangers is now available for Pre-Order Order!



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