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Lorenna Corral is an indie pop artist, and a mental health advocate from the San Francisco Bay Area. She co-produces and writes songs and poetry about her experience with mental illness and a medicine induced neurological muscle movement disorder, Tardive Dyskinesia, that she miraculously overcame. Her project aims to bring awareness to  mental health and uplift others who have experienced the difficulties of mental illness.  


From an early age she started showing her creative gifts by exploring various forms of self expression. She performed in dance competitions and became a concert violinist en route to the Berklee College of Music. Unfortunately, Lorenna often found herself surrounded by constant mental unrest. She had various family members around her diagnosed with different mental health disorders such as Bipolar and Schizophrenia. 


When an initial psychiatric drug gave her mild akathisia (“my body felt like it was running outside itself”), her doctor took her off of it and prescribed Seroquel. In those first few months of treatment, Corral recalls thinking to herself, “This is what it feels like to be normal.” And then suddenly, one day, she collapsed on the floor, her limbs flailing everywhere. This was Tardive Dyskinesia, a condition defined by uncontrollable spasms. A condition that remapped her life.


These difficult experiences inspired her debut album Sugar pills. A double album focused on her mental health journey which is her first musical project she wrote and produced in her bedroom. Sugar Pills 1 was released in 2018. The much anticipated second half of the double album, Sugar Pills 2 is set to be released 2022.


Currently Lorenna is writing and co-producing her follow up album, Checklist Love, set to release January 2022. It is her first project focused on love and relationship - which she attributes to healing and successfully managing her mental health struggles. Checklist Love explores the complications of love as she navigates this new world with dreamy alternative-pop production and lyrics. 


If Sugar Pills was about her struggle with mental illness, fighting, and healing then Checklist Love is about her next chapter of life. In this new world, Lorenna blossoms despite the winter and discovers the warmth and harsh realities of love and relationship.

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